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83799KM – KIT MEDUSA 83799

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Freeride – Freestyle – Wave


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83799KM – KIT MEDUSA 83799



  • M83K – WM799 – S430 – F703K
  • Bag and Q01K included


The Medusa 83799 kit is designed for wingfoiling in medium-strong wind conditions and it’s an excellent choice for freestyle, but it also gives great satisfaction for wave and freeride sessions.

The front wing (WM799) has been designed in collaboration with the pro rider Balz Muller and features a medium aspect ratio and compact size, providing incredible agility and maneuverabilityThe relatively high profile of the wing ensures a very good lift, making it easy to take-off after an air maneuver. The mast (M83K) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth ride without sacrificing stiffness. The gullwing shape stabilizer (S430) provides excellent control without sacrificing maneuverability.

Whether you’re looking to push your limits in freestyle or just enjoy a leisurely ride, the Medusa 83799 is the perfect choice for you.

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Front Wing – Span 799 mm
Front Wing – Surface 1100 cm2
Front Wing – Volume 1174 cm3
Front Wing – Aspect Ratio 5,80
Front Wing – Root Chord 170 mm
Front Wing – Maximum Thickness 21,6 mm
Stabilizer – Span 430 mm
Stabilizer – Surface 240 cm2
Stabilizer – Volume 102 cm3
Stabilizer – Aspect Ratio 7,70
Stabilizer – Root Chord 68 mm
Stabilizer – Maximum Thickness 7,5 mm
Fuselage – Length 703 mm
Mast – Height 830 mm
Mast – Board Connection Carbon Plate
Foil Set – Weight (ca.) 3,8 kg