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W950 – FRONT WING 950 – 1350 CM2

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Perfect Wing for Freeriders

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W950 – FRONT WING 950 – 1350 CM2

Great pumpability, surprising agility, great glide efficiency: all these features make the W950 a great light/medium freestyle wing for winging… and it’s FAST!

The little sister of the W1100 keeps a great pumpability with an improved maneuverability. It accelerates faster than the W1100 and reaches a higher top-end speed. The W950 is a must for light to medium wind freestyle and for long runs at high speed.

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Front Wing – Span 950 mm
Front Wing – Surface 1350 cm2
Front Wing – Root Chord 185 mm
Front Wing – Aspect Ratio 6,7
Front Wing – Maximum Thickness 17 mm
Front Wing – Weight [±5%] 973 g
Fuselage Connection Type T8