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KIT MW85 – W950 – S425 – F900-HS

CHF 1'879.00

Designed to glide fast and effortlessly, the V85950 is a stable but fast foil ideal from light to moderate winds. Suitable for any kind of wind-foiler.


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KIT MW85 – W950 – S425 – F900-HS

Cruising, carving, wave riding in small waves: the V85950 is perfect for every kind of wind-foil session in winds from light to moderate.



Mast Height 850 mm
Front Wing Span 950 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 185 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 6,65
Front Wing Surface 1350 cm2
Stabilizer Span 425 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 67,5 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 6,8
Stabilizer Surface 266 cm2
Board Connection Deep Tuttle
Fuselage Length 900 mm
Kit Weight 4250 g [±5%]