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Leviathan PRO 1060-370/84K | Hydrofoil Set

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Dock-Start – Pumping – Freeride – Downwind – Fast Freeride – Fast Downwind – SUP – Pump Race – SUP Race

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Leviathan PRO 1060-370/84K | Hydrofoil Set

Sabfoil’s most radical downwind weapon, featuring Leviathan PRO 1060 with the ultra high-modulus R8 Red Devil M84K/Ti mast.

We designed this line with the clear goal to break records.

No compromise, just pure speed and gliding pleasure with its ultra-high AR.

Built to win downwind and pump races, but also to make the best of low conditions when freeriding.

Bag and Titanium Quick Release System (Q02K) included

Parts made of high-modulus carbon are super stiff and high-performing, and for this reason they are also more fragile and susceptible to impacts. For these reasons this set is not suitable for jumps and freestyle, and its use for these kind of activities can be dangerous and so not allowed nor covered by warranty.

Also the size and aim of this front wing make it unsuitable for jumps and freestyle, as well as its use paired with Piuma fuselages and masts.

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Front Wing – Span 1060 mm
Front Wing – Surface 947 cm2
Front Wing – Volume 757 cm3
Front Wing – Aspect Ratio 11,63
Front Wing – Root Chord 110 mm
Front Wing – Maximum Thickness 14 mm
Stabilizer – Span 370 mm
Stabilizer – Surface 195 cm2
Stabilizer – Volume 85 cm3
Stabilizer – Aspect Ratio 7,00
Stabilizer – Root Chord 67,5 mm
Stabilizer – Maximum Thickness 7,3 mm
Fuselage – Length 663 mm
Mast – Height 840 mm – Red Devil
Mast – Board Connection Carbon Plate