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Medusa Pro Balz Müller LTD – Vento Wing 909-370/83

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Freestyle Pro – Freestyle – Freeride – Wave – Fast Freeride

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Medusa Pro Balz Müller LTD – Vento Wing 909-370/83

It is a Medusa PRO… but most importantly, it is Balz Müller’s signature model for Sabfoil.

This hydrofoil set is an excellent choice for practicing Windfoil, both in power freestyle, freeride and freerace sessions. It comes with Balz’s signature front wing WMP909/BALZ, and with the limited edition mast M83K with Balz’s graphics (you can get it only in the kit!)

Medusa PRO is the natural evolution of the standard Medusas and everythinhg is about acceleration, stability and pop. In this Balz Pro version, the surface area of the front wing has been increased to allow takeoff at lower speeds, and the dihedral angle was diminished to improve maneuverability and rebound performance after landing for easier consecutive aerial maneuvers. The fact that the dihedral angle has not been brought to zero and the presence of the twist at the tips still ensure an excellent degree of stability during acceleration, fast freeriding and while surfing.

Balz’s choice of fuselage was F903K, which grant a perfect balance between performance and stability both in freestyle and freeride.

As for the stabilizer, Balz preferred the S370 Flat, for maximum freedom in maneuvering and good speed.

Bag and Titanium Quick Release System (Q02K) included

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Front Wing – Span 909 mm
Front Wing – Surface 1000 cm2
Front Wing – Volume 874,4 cm3
Front Wing – Aspect Ratio 8,26
Front Wing – Root Chord 161 mm
Front Wing – Maximum Thickness 17 mm
Stabilizer – Span 370 mm
Stabilizer – Surface 195 cm2
Stabilizer – Volume 85 cm3
Stabilizer – Aspect Ratio 7,00
Stabilizer – Root Chord 67,5 mm
Stabilizer – Maximum Thickness 7,3 mm
Fuselage – Length 903 mm
Mast – Height 830 mm
Mast – Board Connection Aluminum Tuttle
Foil Set – Weight (ca.) 4,51 kg