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Razor 980-370/73 | Hydrofoil Set

CHF 2'059.00


M73K/PF – WR980/PF – S370/PF – F653K
Bag and Q02K included

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Razor 980-370/73 | Hydrofoil Set

This hydrofoil set is a must-have for anyone looking to take their downwind experience to the next level in low wind conditions.

The front wing (WR980/PF) boasts a high aspect ratio, resulting in exceptional gliding and efficiency and easy take-off while maintaining a very good top-end speed. The mast (M73K/PF) has a standard profile providing a smooth and fast ride without sacrificing stiffness. The flat stabilizer (S370/PF) provides excellent maneuverability.

The high AR and wingspan of the front wing make this set unsuitable for jumps and freestyle.

Bag and Titanium Quick Release System (Q02K) included