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Razor PRO 775 | T6 Hydrofoil Front Wing

CHF 499.00


Surface: 631 cm2
AR: 9,64
Wingspan: 780 mm
Volume: 543 cm3

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Razor PRO 775 | T6 Hydrofoil Front Wing

The Razor PRO is the steep-wave version of the Razor. A simple statement that best describes this line of surf-born front wings.

Designed to maximize your performance in the waves and to be able to ride faster downwind, this wing can handle any acceleration.

You’ll experience lightning-fast response and tighter turns, while maintaining stability and drive even during the most radical tip breaches or the return from wave lip to base.

The Razor PRO 775 finds its best use in Surfing and Downwind foiling among big waves and swells, but it is also capable of delivering big thrills during Wingfoil sessions in medium-to-strong winds.

Thanks to the dedicated design, takeoff is still early, but the acceleration is great and the fast profile allows for high speeds once cruising.

Naturally delivered with SAB Pro Finish, and thus hand sanded to achieve a matte surface with 0-thickness graphics, for an elegant Made in Italy product with maximum performance.